Marshall 1982 JCM 800 2204 Bogner Modded



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for sale very rare and historic Bogner prototype modded 1982 50W 2204. 
this amp was modded in 1992 for a Japanese client in the early days of Bogner. 
features the incredible original metal proto grill and 92 T&C turquoise Bogner logo. 
to my knowledge most of the Bogner Marshalls are in Germany and highly 

will include a copy of written correspondence between previous owner and reinhold. amp essentially has an early XTC 100 blue channel mod. 

single input. maintains Marshall master volume and gain controls, 
and benefits from the classic wide range frequency response Bogner EQ. 
i love angry sounding amplifiers, i can't stand modern cleanliness
or super boutique "nice" sounding amps.
i wants amps that have personality. and every amp
i own is either a own off, or has tremendous character. 
this amp is a beast and it has that character. 
you can turn the gain down and still get incredible low gain Marshall sounds.
your final result is getting more out of the amp overall, on any setting.
the modded amps are better, more is unleashed. when your platform is an MKII Lead 50W, something that
in and of itself is already legendary, the modded result is tremendous.
he called it XTC for a reason. when i listen back to the recordings, 
my only response is "holy shit". 

i have 3 Bogner modded JCM800's here. this would be considered
the most desirable and is the most expensive. and it's certainly
the coolest looking.

the amp is very much it's own thing. still has a Marshall footprint going
on, but very much it's own thing, which is why it's great. it's not
copying anything, not trying to be anything else, and doesn't sound
like anything else. it's a glorious thing of beauty. Bogner
called this amp "historical". indeed. holy grail amp for me,
but have decided to let this and one other go,
it's hard to justify the insane collection i have here.
only selling the best, keeping the beaters. 
this is a beautiful collector's item which will bring joy to the owner. 

if shipping is required, the amp will be shipped in an oversize
golf bag box, allowing for tons of padding on every side.  
currently has a matched set of mesa boogie power tubes installed. 
i have not found the need to take the amp in for any service since i got it. 
amp functions as it should and a thorough video will be recorded before
shipping, as always. 

please email or feel free to give a call with any questions. 

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