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Extremely rare and singular Echopark Alvarado Custom, only a few made. This particular guitar was highly customized and there’s only one like it. Was $7500 new and then was traded in.  Retired model.
Guitar is just an even 8lbs.  

Flame maple semi hollow. A rarified beast w/ incredible design elements. 
Named after the infamous Alvarado Blvd in Los Angeles, CA.  

To me, It's sort of like a top of the line rare wood version of an EVH guitar married to a semi-hollow Les Paul, with an active internal boost that provides a powerful holy grail fuzz tone, all 100% hand made. 

As with all my guitars, it receives a full and thorough evaluation by a highly trainer, schooled luthier, this guitar all measures out and is extremely straight with no issues to report.  After receiving this guitar, immediately ditched the Gotoh for the brass block Mann Made trem, which is superior, by far my favorite. 

Set neck, full 1959 D shape neck, w/out the taper.  
Neck is about 1st fret 0.92- 12th fret 1.09"
Korina neck, honduran mahogany body.
24.75 scale
12 inch radius
Flame maple top. Ziricote fretboard. 
All wood is old, No kilns. Old air dried wood. 
This is a 100% hand carved guitar. No machines. 
Has the typical 9055 or 6105 tall medium frets.
Abalone inlays and perfling. 
Deep neck tenon. 
Pickups are custom/proprietary Planet Tone Blues Heritage PAF style. 
Knobs are Volume, Volume, Boost (no tone)
Tiny blemish (repaired ding) on the back of neck, close to edge, almost impossible to see, impossible to feel. Pro fix. You'll never see it or feel it. Was a minor ding. Otherwise, guitar is like new with only the lightest player wear. The black of the neck is like a translucent drab olive green/tan, showing the grain, it's awesome. 

Guitar has no issues and received a very thorough evaluation and check up, set up and service from Woodsongs in Boulder, CO one of the best in the country. 

It has unbelievable world class playability and tone, but when you hit the boost via the push/pull tone knob the guitar becomes a dragon slayer. Super fine, next level performance. I've never seen anything like it, and you'll have Joe Perry to thank. They've been working on refining internal boosts for 10 years (don't tell anyone).  Echopark started doing these boosts for Joe Perry, it's very rare, and only in a few guitars. The circuit is covered in epoxy. No wonder. Astonishing. It's hard to put a value on this boost. I would pay $1000 to have this put in any guitar, no questions asked. It's extraordinary. 

Guitar has very low hours and has spent 99% of it's life in the G&G case.  
There's at least 12 world class Echoparks here. 
There's no favorites. On any given day, each one could be a favorite. 
They're all impossible to put down. 
You can literally do anything with this guitar. 
It redefines versatility. Next level versatility. 
You could record a Slayer record with this guitar, a jazz trio, or play in a church band, and anything in between. The internal boost is extremely high fidelity and sounds better than almost any pedal on earth in my opinion. At the very least, it's indeed high echelon fuzz/drive. Undeniable.
The full size hand carved neck is to die for.
Fretwork is superb, no high e roll off, no issues.  
Price is a bargain, dealer price. Retail price on this guitar is about $7500, many upgrades on this order.  

Please call or email with any questions.

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