2020 Echopark Clarence Custom Rose J Case Study



  • 2020 Echopark Clarence Custom Rose J Case Study
  • 2020 Echopark Clarence Custom Rose J Case Study
  • 2020 Echopark Clarence Custom Rose J Case Study
  • 2020 Echopark Clarence Custom Rose J Case Study
  • 2020 Echopark Clarence Custom Rose J Case Study

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Straight from the Detroit factory, brand new dealer listing. 

This guitar was built from Adam Granduciel from The War on Drugs, never answered the phone after completion, so it went to me. 

2020 Echopark Clarence Rose J Case Study in Emerald Green
with G&G case & certificate of authenticity. 

100% Hand-Carved Case Study Made in Detroit

6.2 pounds
Old stock ultra lightweight swamp ash
Aged Emerald Rose finish w/ Parisian antique rose screen print
Old stock figured maple neck (light flame)
Standard headstock
Old stock Gabon Ebony fretboard
Jescar medium jumbo frets
Medium C profile, traditional 
Bovine bone nut
Kluson vintage spec nickel tuners
50's style contours
Pearloid pickguard 
Widemaster humbucker bridge pickup
Silver coil neck pickup
Descendant vibrato
Staytrem bridge
CTC 500k pots
Bridge pickup coil blend on 3rd knob
Military grade custom Echopark machined knobs
Nickel hardware
G&G hardshell case
Lifetime warranty 

3500 hand carved Clarence base price
350 ultra lightweight swap ash
150 '54 deep contours
150 emerald green finish
450 rose pattern screen print
350 aged vintage, lacquer checking
500 old stock gabon ebony fretboard
85 amber tuners
350 stay trem, JM
170 silver coil neck 
180 wide range humbucker bridge 
85 coil split blend knob
50 machined knobs
$6370 total

Typically with Echopark the customer designs his guitar, but these inspiring Case Study guitars are fully designed and built from the ground up by Gabriel Currie, often with modifications along the way.  It's starts with a concept then the vision is slowly materialized, like a sculptor or painter.  This guitar is years in the making. 

Case study guitars have special appointments, extra attention to detail, and use truly rare, air-dried select woods and parts. It's been said that 80% of a guitar's sound, feel and vibe comes from the raw wood alone. It's becoming less of a secret that Gabe has some of the best air dried wood in the world, and he continues to amaze us from this locally found, highly prized old wood stash.  It's one thing to have old wood in good shape, it's another thing to have old wood that's particularly useful and applicable. 

The most select woods are reserved for Case Study guitars, and this is extremely apparent with this Custom J model. It's a level of sophistication and tonal complexity, and superb feel that is almost impossible to come by. Only 6lbs. You will feel the difference as soon as you pick it up, without even playing the guitar, let alone plugging it in.  A simple pluck behind the bridge will reveal a level of warmth and "holy crap" that you've never heard in a J style guitar before. This has that buttery plays itself wow-factor quality that we've come to expect from Echopark. 

This is a traditional 1950's Fender C size neck, with 12" radius. The neck is 100% created by hand carving and feels more like a real 1950's strat neck, and completely lacks the uninspired cookie cutter feel of a modern CNC neck of the similar shape. It just feels special in your hands. This neck is reminiscent of Gabe's #1 Clarence guitar, the aged white one. That's a guitar that you put in your hands and you don't need to play, you instantly know that it's special. This guitar is like that.  It's rich sounding. It's weight and balance is extraordinary.  I will not attempt to describe the fretboard because words will not do justice. This guitar has to be played and felt to be understood. 

The words master builder are thrown around a lot. The phrase "hand crafted" is widely abused and misused nowadays, most of which are dealing with CNC cookie cutter cut-outs. These guitars feel different and contain nuances, which is what we are looking for.  Extreme playability, extremely fast playing necks, that make you question everything. They are single origin.  Even woods are hand collected. There's something very real and enticing about the thorough process of these creations, and how the woods are collected and found. This is next level old school building, done in a traditional context but with original design and appointments.  This "Clarence" body shape was designed by Leo Fender in 1969. When you put this guitar in your hands, and get to FEEL it, then certain things become undeniable. Incredibly special guitar. Wow. 

It's amazing that guitars sometimes sound as good as they look. It's hard to put this one in words, this guitar feels like a million bucks, and looks it as well. What's really mind boggling, is that when you plug it in, you end up scratching your head a bit. It's redefining. Levels above the competition.  Do you want a cookie cutter run-of-the-mill kiln dried piece of random wood, or do you want something out of this world?  I was spoiled in that I grew up close to Hollywood guitar shops and put a 1950's Strat in my hands at an early age, and learned about this feel. Ruined for life, addicted to "hand made". It wasn't until I stumbled upon this brand in 2012 that I finally found someone do the old-wood thing right, with the right aesthetics. Echopark has such phenomenal aesthetics, such incredible headstocks, designs, paint and construction techniques. These are Rock 'n Roll machines that feel old because they are old. It's amazing to think how well these will age, and how incredible they will look in 40-50 years. 

This guitar is harmonically rich and tonally complex, as you would expect. The paint is complex and deep. You'll see hints of blue, red, silver and gold. It's deeply satisfying to look at. This is a mind blowing, soul stirring paint job which will not come across in photos. Gabriel uses the best, rarest (old school) lacquer in the business and produces what I consider the most tasteful natural lacquer checking. No ugly spider webs, no razorblades. Natural lacquer checking that looks real and compliments the guitar.  The 50's style contour combined with the ultra lightweight make this guitar a perfect 10.  Photos cannot do justice, neither can recorded clips, but I will provide both upon request. Bridge pickup blends into single coil mode, or any combination of humbucker and single coil.  

Please email with any questions.

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