Marshall JCM800 Bogner Modded 4103 100W Snorkler



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for sale extremely rare 1985 marshall jcm800 100W combo modded by bogner. 
amp functions as it should. all knobs extremely responsive, massive frequency response. 
serial number dates to 1984, inside is signed and dated 1985.
amp was serviced by the previous owner.

i'm slowly selling off my amps because we're cutting our square footage in half in a few months. 
i use this amp with two custom 2x12 echopark open back cabs with old greenbacks, 
wired to run at 4ohms. i'm attached to these astonishing cabinets
and haven't spent much any time with the combo's internal speakers. i pretty much run
everything through these cabinets including my vintage amps.  the high 
wattage speakers currently installed make sense, and they sound good. my ears
just prefer the greenbacks because that's all i know, and i play 1960's/1970's
rock, not so much metal. i know with facelift, they used a 200W speaker. 
with my current set up the volume is completely manageable, amazingly so. this amp
does not require something like a klon. it laughs in the face of the klon. i can't
say the same about the other high end amps i have here. this amp stands alone, 
it really, really doesn't need anything. usually i end up comparing these modded
amps to certain cars. but this would have to be a european car because of the gain
sweep, and the frequency response available. huge EQ.  and the touch sensitivity. 
and all the little details that you feels and hear but are hard to put into words. 
just another one of the world class marshalls that sounds like the records we love. 

has blue holy grail bogner circuit board, this mod performed in very early 1990's. blue bogner stamped circuit board famous for also being used in the ronnie champagne 4010 snorkler combo amp, which was used on alice in chains facelift. that amp was also used on social distortion self titled, jane's addiction ritual, and deconstruction, and has a very distinctive and powerful marshall sound. 

most bogner modded marshalls are not located in the US and due to modern shipping prices, likely never will be. these are scarce and highly desirable for good reason. they just blow away the modern stuff. they are highly revered in germany, especially ones like this with the extra gain. 

speakers are 100W scumbacks. long ago, had an effects loop installed, i cannot speak to the quality of the loop. 

this amp sounds more marshall than the bogner modded jcm800 i sold last week (green logo), which had it's own sound entirely. and this 4103 sounds more like an actual marshall than the 50W 4010 "snorkler", which i also happen to have here (a 4010 copy), which is a bit more unique/modern/metal sounding out of the box. this 100W is extremely close to the actual snorkler, as close as you're gonna get, it would seem. but i'm not gonna call it a "snorkler" as there's only one of those. wide sweep from low to high gain and extreme clarity. it's a similar mod done to a similar amplifier. none of these old bogner mods were repeated or done exactly the same twice, so i've been told. on top of that no two amps sound the same to begin with, that's for sure. you can really dial in the EQ; EQ controls are extremely sensitive. the preamp and master volume controls are extremely sensitive. Much more frequency response than a stock 800. More fidelity than a stock 800. Much different touch response
than a stock 800. 

it maintains it's marshall footprint yet has a whole new range of EQ, more gain, more everything. through a 16ohm cab with greenbacks you have very manageable volumes. amp is very sensitive also to voltage, and to different speaker cabinet and ohm combinations. reminds me of a race car. a more refined hot rodded beast. makes the stock amps sound pretty undesirable. once you go hot rod, kind of hard to go back. 

i purchased the amp from the owner of the 1980 JMP which was owned by bryan carlstrom and used on alice in chains dirt. he sold me this amp after acquiring that modded JMP. he called this amp "insanely good". i would have to agree. although i haven't had much time to play it, it is extreme gratifying to play this amp, and you can sweep all the way from AC/DC to Slayer, with total integrity. 

will include a brand new, never installed (no holes drilled), authentic cream bogner front panel logo.  the more the world moves towards digital and crypto, the more the old and analog will go up in value.  

if your goal is to perform, record or get off, be inspired, then amps like this are indispensable. there is no substitution and will never be a substitution for the real thing. this is a big boy, it's extra heavy, will be expensive to ship, but will be packed correctly with massive amounts of heavy duty siding styrofoam surrounding each side. i've shipped over $2Mil in pro audio since 1997 and will pack correctly. 

please message me or view my website if you have any questions, thank you 

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