Lockard 187 8W Class A Head & 2x12 Cabinet



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2012 Lockard 187 Head & Cab - Electric Blue

The amp that must be heard to be believed. 

8 Watts Class A.  Typically used with vintage tubes. 

Must be used with 32 ohm matching cab, loaded with vintage Celestions. Using with other cabs will produce inferior results.  

This is the only blue tolex of this color in the world. 

Only 40 or so Lockard amps were produced, using all vintage parts. Amps were built and refined by a known Los Angeles amp guru to greatly improve eq and sonics.  Cabinets are awesome. Nothing else sounds like this amp. Three years of research & development before the first production model was created. This amplifier was created with a passion for tone, with no intention of making a profit. 

This is a loud, clear, powerful, class A vintage tube saturation at its finest. Extremely articulate and in your face. 

I have played Lockard amps for hundreds and hundreds of hours, for years, very late at night, at full volume. I would have to say that these amps possess the greatest of all characteristics - you just can't stop playing, you get lost in the tone, you are amazed at the tone. You put the guitar down and realize hours have passed, time & time again. 

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