1978 Travis Bean TB1000S Natural #1529

Travis Bean


  • 1978 Travis Bean TB1000S Natural #1529
  • 1978 Travis Bean TB1000S Natural #1529
  • 1978 Travis Bean TB1000S Natural #1529

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1978 Travis Bean 1000S #1529 

Original case & guitar extremely clean. Clearly this guitar sat for most it's life. 

The nut height is perfect. The saddles and screws smooth. No evidence of any rust or oxidation. Clean. If anything the nut saddles are a hair too high, offering an option for even lower action if you so desire. 

Very rare 2 piece magnolia (looks like maple), one piece is flame. There are very many painted Travis Beans out there, but you'll be hard pressed to find a flamey one. Only a couple out there. I've never seen another one. This guitar has spent it's life in the case, collector grade. This is a particularly good sounding Travis Bean, about as good as it gets. I am simply amazed when I play this guitar, because it lacks harshness or brightness. It's just pure sweetness. Offers high level playability. 

Guitar is near mint, imron painted neck is near mint with no scratches. Only visible wear is the pickguard, hard-to-see surface scratches from normal play. Doesn't have the buckle rash which plagues so many of these guitars. This guitar has been played very little. I've only ever seen one other this clean, which was the dead mint TB500 I sold last year. 

Late serial, thin body, wide horn. 
Has the thinner neck. Generally there's a thin neck and a thicker D shape neck. 
This thin neck is a like a 1960 Les Paul Classic profile, or a modern Fender profile. 
The thinner body is rarer, more sleek, lighter weight.  
Gives the guitar more of an italian sports car vibe. 
The thinner body guitars feel more elegant and comfortable, to die for. 

Fastest playing neck of all time. Part of the allure is the extreme speed of the neck, combined with the incredible long-lasting sustain. You will probably find that you sound better, play better, etc. 

The sound is superb, with no harshness. From my experience, the later serial number guitars are way better. Towards the end he started doing slightly different neck construction and made better pickups. Perhaps more selective with bodies. There were several improvements that seem at this point undeniable. The thin bodies are better and lighter. Most importantly, the pickups are better in later models. This guitars works great with either clean or distortion. There are Travis Beans that don't work very well with any distortion, sounding shrill and overly bright. I've had Artist, Standard and 500 models like this, which basically suck. This is not one of them. The later serial guitars in my experience have proven to be superior to their earlier counterparts. I've had TB500's that are clunky and not very playable. 

The tone of this guitar is 10/10, it's got to be the single best sounding Travis Bean I've ever played, from a lead guitar player standpoint. There's so much frequency response. Very good playing and sounding guitar. Silky, buttery smooth. 

The wood is beautiful. The contrast of the black imron with the light wood is perfect. Works very well. It's a stunning beauty, a supermodel guitar.  You may have heard the biggest Travis Bean collector in the world prefers the Imron necks. I like 'em both. I probably prefer the non-Imron when it comes down to it, but the black certainly is beautiful, especially when in this condition. 

Includes original case which is also super clean, cleanest I've ever seen.

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