2014 Echopark Crow



  • 2014 Echopark Crow
  • 2014 Echopark Crow
  • 2014 Echopark Crow
  • 2014 Echopark Crow
  • 2014 Echopark Crow
  • 2014 Echopark Crow

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Echopark Guitars Crow

Originally Ordered mid-2013, delivered late 2014

This guitar was recently re-acquired and is a very rare offering. It simply doesn't stack up to my Southsider, not even close, so I have no interest in owning things I don't use or care about. 

This guitar was made with a level of care that isn't often found. Imagine if he did that every time? What a concept. Most Echoparks are flawed, trashed, or need $1200 in fixes. The average cost to fix up and Echopark is $1200. This one was only $650.

A complex and sophisticated hand carved guitar. Crow possesses brilliantly thick sound, feels unbelievable in the hands, and plays like the best of them. This extraordinary build shines amongst a line-up of many phenomenal Echopark guitars. Every Echopark guitar is a true original work of art, with a diverse set of characteristics. Some pieces though, do stand out. You can study and play this guitar for a month and not fully absorb everything it has to offer. It will reveal more over time like a fine Swiss watch or vintage automobile. The design elements are masculine, avant-garde, beautiful. Only 6 of these made. 

World class player & collector Joe Perry has said that he'd put his Echoparks up against "any of the old stuff." Here with #4 Crow you have a fine example of that same level of build quality, tone and special attention to detail. This is not hype, it’s the real deal. If you wanted to compare this guitar to anything else, it could only be the finest 1950's Les Pauls. Gabriel's special talent for "making two pieces of wood become one" is perhaps the most particular and distinct quality of this guitar, and you will feel it right away, it's tremendous. It's just a sensational, bold, solid feeling of singularity, and it emits huge round notes. The tone of the guitar is piano-like; it's gigantic, round and loud. It sounds as big as it looks. It's very deep and soulful sounding and feels incredibly solid. All of his set neck guitars have this wonderful feeling, but with this particular one it really, really stands out. The result is extremely pleasing to the ears. This guitar sounds so big and so good that it really doesn't make sense to even make comparisons, nothing really compares. When you hold The Crow in your hands, it's not a typical guitar playing experience, it's something special. 

This is a tough, solid guitar, built for a viking. Incredibly well balanced. The body & neck give off distinctive tones which combine into something extremely rare and special. I have played a couple dozen of Gabe's awesome creations, and this is one of his all-time finest guitars, which absolutely has unique tonal properties. He was very pleased with the result. This #4 Crow was featured in a full page Guitar Aficionado ad.

All Echopark guitars share the same DNA and are built by one person. They share the same vibe, design elements, they share a similar feel and overall sheen. They all have that vintage thing which most builders strive for but don’t quite always fully achieve. As a longtime player of handmade rock 'n roll guitars, I’d say Gabriel has achieved the seemingly impossible. You have great artistic design, tone, feel and true hand-made build quality. You have that vintage feel that everyone craves. Carefully selected wood by one person who really knows what they’re doing. But there’s another unseen element to these guitars, which transcends the physical properties of the instrument. Gabriel has a third-eye spiritual ability to not only create guitars that feel, look & sound amazing, there's a a 4th quality, an other-level quality, that can only be felt in the hands, in the soul, and is hard to describe in words. And that’s the magic of Echopark Guitars. Some guitars sound good, some look good, some are built by famous people (or machines) with sometimes very expensive price tags. With Echopark you get the whole enchilada, actual value, and these creations are endowed with a beautiful vintage Rock ’n Roll aesthetic. 

Echopark guitars have all kinds of tonal differences because we're talking about varied combinations of very different woods, bridges and pickups, and no two guitars sound the same. Unlike most mainstream brands who aim for product consistency, each Echopark is it's own instrument with it's own unique old wood tone. Here it’s accurate to say that you get what you pay for. The result of all this, is an instrument that actually inspires and brings out your best. For me, it's pretty hard to put a price tag on that. Echopark guitars inspire music, and bring out your best playing. Last year I sold all my vintage Les Paul Juniors because they didn’t play as good, or sound as good as the Echopark version.

In it's early life, Josh Homme's #1 Crow went through some changes, and subsequent Crow guitars benefited from those refinements, The story of how the Crow came about is a good one. One of the best looking guitars I've ever seen, such an incredible headstock. The colors, paint and matte nitro finish speaks for itself. Arcane PAF style humbuckers, Gabriel’s extremely comfortable standard 1959 neck profile. 300 year old Walnut top, 200 year old mahogany neck, Brazilian fretboard, Grover pre-war tuners, aged hardware. Perfect tall medium-width Jescar frets, like 6105. Original case and paperwork included. One perfect, flawless guitar. 

I have shipped hundreds of vintage guitars over 27 years worldwide and never had to make an insurance claim, no damages. The Crow will be packed extremely well and fully insured.

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