2015 Echopark Crow II



  • 2015 Echopark Crow II
  • 2015 Echopark Crow II
  • 2015 Echopark Crow II

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2015 Echopark Crow II

Includes original case & COA
1942 Cadillac Green Burst
Honduran Mahogany throughout
Neck is old stock Honduran
Fretboard is old stock Brazilian 12 inch radius
Frets medium Jescar 9055 / akin to Dunlop 6105
Etched Crow pickup covers
Arcane PAF's
Celluloid Nitrate pickguard
Harpform Brass Tailpiece
Grover pre war tuners
Single ply cream body binding
Weight 10lbs

Crow and Crow II were designed by Gabriel Currie and Josh Homme. Top of the line, flagship masterpiece guitar, only two green exist like this. There's Josh Homme's nearly identical green Crow II guitar, and there's this one. (Josh's guitar is seen here in Echopark literature photo, leaning against my 1960's National amp, with nickel plated brass tailpiece). His Crow II guitar has metallic paint, this guitar is more stealth looking with flat paint. That guitar also has different pickups and electronics. 

Brass is perhaps the most musical substance known to man. The stand-out feature of this guitar is the dark richness of this old mahogany against the sonics of the brass tailpiece. It's a perfect storm and a beautiful, musical thing. This body, is unique, the entire body and top is mahogany, and it's only slightly hollowed out. Brilliant. This guitar is closer in sonics to a solid body than a typical thin sounding semi hollow. This is a very, very meaty and robust musical instrument. Resembles a 335 not a all. Not even a little. Guitar is obviously far superior to anything Gibson offers. This is next level. It's got it all, the whole package. If looks could kill. This Crow is 10/10. Photos and words will never do justice to the feel and level of playability, which seems impossible. Why doesn't every guitar play like this? Ha. 

Additionally, I'd say the other major feature of this guitar is the linear nature of the neck angle. The huge straight lines from the tuner down to the tailpiece. There's less break angle. The entire system is straight. And this to me is another great feature of most Echoparks, superb angles. Very favorable design and construction. Every so often I buy a nice Gretsch, forgetting about those crazy neck angles. They just bug me. I realize that's the the Gretsch tone, but it's not for me. The straightness of the Echoparks does it for me. I just admire the neck angle and straightness going on here, it's what contributes to the awesome feel & playability. 

Best tailpiece of all time. There are so many ghost notes, artifacts, harmonics, etc available to you that it almost feels like cheating. It's like 2 instruments in one.  The tailpiece sets this thing apart from everything else. 

Guitar has the Gabe signature 38V-59D neck carve, and it's done to absolute perfection. Arcane PAF's, to die for. Couldn't imagine anything else in here. They are real deal. 

Guitar is slinky, plays itself. Guitar has a very spongy feel and attack. This is a good thing. Even in standard tuning, it's just so slinky and good. Indeed a very manly guitar, fit for a viking. 

I love Echopark and always will. They have added great pleasure and satisfaction that simply is not available elsewhere. Hence his tagline "Try and find another one". If there was another brand out there that made something comparable I'd own said brand. But I do not. This is as good and as special as it gets for someone like me who doesn't follow guitar trends whatsoever. I was burnt out on vintage guitars by around 2001. These aesthetics and choices are brilliant. Always remember Gabe C is artist first, luthier second. 

I only keep beater guitars for myself, customize those guitars, paint them, route them, etc.  I sell the winners, the really nice ones, as you can clearly see from my sales history, and over $2M sold on ebay since 1998. This is the 2nd Crow here. The first was was a museum masterpiece, featured in Guitar Aficionado. That Crow will never come up for sale because the buyer loves it at the highest level. This guitar sounds better than that one, and is more refined. Everything about it is an improvement. Better look, better feel, better sonics. When I received this guitar, and first felt it out, my jaw dropped, and a big smile came upon my face. "Woah" I believe it was. Supermodel feel. Cream of the crop. Heavyweight champion. 

The dark burst color, look and vibe here is the stuff of legend. Words will never do justice to the harmonic complexity. These guitars are no longer produced. Very limited, I believe 3 of these semi hollow Crows total, 2 green and one burst. It is unheard of for him to create two identical guitars, it never happens. He does not like repeating but did in this rare instance. 

Please note there is some minor glue residue at the base of the side of neck. I've never felt like dealing with it. It doesn't matter. Guitar is flawless and sound and feels world class. Top of the line, flagship. 

I'm not a QOTSA guy, though I did see a mind blowing performance in 2004 at the Glasshouse, at the top of their game. If you happen to be, I can assure you this will be a very smart investment. You will not find another one, this is it. This brand is moving more and more away from hand made, and is now making these special pieces less available to the public, discontinuing many of it's models for good. The genius of Echopark is one that will be realized more over time, like with most finer things and artists. There is no denying these pieces, they crush their vintage counterparts in so many instances. 

This guitar favors heavier strings, like 10's or 11's. Currently has 12's. This not the Beato Book Club. This is pure high octane Rock 'n Roll. It does work well with 9's, but I find it a bit wanting. When a heavier string is used, you realize there's more untapped tone in there, unavailable in other guitars. Big guitar, big sound. I would say because of this high level of wood quality and build quality, you can get away with heavier strings more than you're used to. This Crow will be more playable than other guitars, it just feels better in your hands because the neck carve is very specific and precise, matched to the human hand. I guess it's like driving a big Cadillac. It looks appropriate. 

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